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Properties for rent in Anaheim

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We are a full service property management company located in Orange County, CA.  All of our services are provided at one low monthly fee with no hidden costs.

Your property is a valuable investment. Our primary goals are to:

  • Protect your investment by throughly screening prospective tenants
  • Minimize the vacancy period by utilizing our marketing expertise to advertise and promptly process prospective tenants
  • Maximize your cash flow by renting your property for the maximum amount that market conditions allow
  • Minimize maintenance costs using our extensive network of contractors.

Worry free property management, because you deserve it…

Cheap Homes for rent in Anaheim!

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Screening of Prospective Tenants

  • Rental history – Follow up with past landlords for references
  • Credit worthiness – Late payments, bankruptcy, forclosures
  • Employment verification – Job stability and growth potential
  • Debt ratio evaluation – Check the tenant’s front and back end debt ratio
  • FICO SCORE – Check tenant’s FICO score with credit agency

Servicing of all Inquiries and Complaints

  • All major repairs will always have owner’s approval before commencement of work
  • All contractors are licensed and bonded for your protection but are not employees, so there is no conflict of interest
  • We do not add any fees to the cost of contractor services and repairs
  • Quick response and resolution to all inquiries and complaints

Collection of all Fees and Rents

  • Collection of rent from tenants and deposit directly to your bank account or mailbox
  • Take action on all delinquent accounts


  • Evaluate property before and after occupancy
  • Advertise and show units
  • Collect applications and screen applicants
  • Prepare initial leasing documents and collect deposits
  • Provide all required disclosures pursuant to Federal law
  • Initiate, monitor and final follow through of eviction procedures

Maintenance, Repairs and Improvements

  • Coordination of all interior and exterior maintenance and repairs
  • Plan and coordinate capital improvements for the property
  • Coordinate gardening services