Frequenty Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We try our best to answer some of the most asked questions at our firm. Below we categorized the FAQ’s into sections. Simply click the category and you can view the question and answers. Should you have a question not listed, please contact us and we will respond right away.

A: You pay the amount agreed upon in the property management agreement as low as 4% to 7%. Our initial leasing fee is only $795, which is much less than listing your property on the MLS. You will not need to pay anything up front. We collect a full month’s rent and a deposit, and then we will bill you. There are NO OTHER additional fees for our services. We will give a discount for owners with multiple properties.

A: You will be billed after we collect first month’s rent and collect the full deposit. You pay nothing up front. 

A: I have been in Real Estate and property management for over 25 years. My goal is to build long term relationships with owners and tenants based on trust. We will ensure your property is kept in excellent condition and collect rent on time. I am a licensed Real Estate BROKER, as required by law to be a property manager.


A: One of our licensed leasing agents will show your property. Unlike other companies we show our own properties. Our leasing agents are licensed Realtors, not a part time or unlicensed employee. Many companies just list your property on the MLS and let other agents find your tenant without meeting them first. Again, this is the most critical part of property management. “finding and qualifying a tenant”. Some people have high FICO scores but may not be good tenants. Conversely, some people may have bad credit (short sale, BK, Medical, Student Loans) but can be excellent tenants. It is our job to determine if they would be good tenants from our extensive qualifying process and 25+ years of experience. You will make the final decision with which tenant to choose to be your tenant.

A: Yes, we can certainly set your property up with our Trust Account if you prefer.

A: You will only pay the percentage agreed upon regardless of how many times we go to the property. We do not charge any other fees except for the initial leasing fee of $795 and an annual renewal fee of $125 per year, no matter how long it takes to rent your property.

A: By law the tenant is required to sign the “Data Base Disclosure”, “Lead Based Paint Disclosure”, “Tenant Protection Act“, “Mold Disclosure“, and “Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Disclosure“. We supply all the forms for the tenant to sign. We require tenants to have renter’s insurance and do not allow smoking at the property. We will make sure all the COVID forms are signed per law. We also require tenants to sign our 14 page Addendum “A”. 

A: We have the most success with a yearly lease. This way, if the tenants break the lease they will be liable for the lost rent and expenses to re-rent the property.

A: We have been using Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Redfin, and other various websites with great success. Our goal is to give your property as much exposure as possible to obtain the highest caliber tenant. We return calls from all prospective tenants. 

A: Only when absolutely necessary. This will cost you money and we like to interview the prospective tenants before they submit an application. Sometimes people with high FICO scores can be very difficult people. We like to advertise and show our own properties rather than having other agents show the property so we can meet the prospective tenants. This will also save you at least $1000 or more in additional Realtor fees. If we do not rent the property in a reasonable amount of time, we can then possibly submit to the MLS. We do not use the MLS 95% of the time which saves you money. Many will companies will just list your property on the MLS and “hope” it rents with another agent showing your property.

A: The tenant will only have WPPM’s phone number (not an answering service, receptionist, or assistant) so we can decide where to direct their call or help them with a problem or an emergency. We are available every day of the year including Holidays. “Water leaks don’t always happen between the hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM”. We do use an “After Hour” answering service which is immediately directed to us regardless of the time of day.

A: We will contact you for approval prior to any repairs made to the property. After your approval, we will coordinate a time with the vendor and the tenant to do the necessary repairs. We will monitor the repair as necessary and keep you updated with the status.  

A: No, we hire licensed and insured contractors. Whatever the contractor charges us is what we will charge you, no “added percentages” or “up charges”. Many “In-House” contractors simply have the property management company tack on their percentage to the invoice, costing you more for the repair. We will work with your handyman if you have one in place.

A: We only do about one eviction a year on a 10 year average. We try our best to find highly qualified tenants to avoid an Unlawful Detainer Action. Finding a good highly qualified tenant is the single most important step in property management. We have never lost an eviction in court. We will go to court on your behalf at NO ADDITIONAL cost to you.

A: West Point Property Management will work with a real estate attorney to evict the tenant, including going to court on your behalf with the attorney. You will not need to be present in court. There are no additional charges from our company for doing the eviction; however you will need to pay the attorney’s fees, which range from $400 plus depending on the length of the eviction.

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