11 Questions Landlords Should Ask A Potential Property Management Company

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Why Do You Need A Property Management Company?

If you own a rental property or an investment, you want to keep it safe. You do a lot to ensure that your rentals are in good shape and that as few of them are as empty as possible. West Point Property Management Inc. is here to help, even though work can be hard. Call 714-501-3783 to get a quote from a reputable expert.

We are experts at managing properties in Orange County, California. Our goal is to give our clients peace of mind by providing excellent services that meet their needs and help them reach their goals. Visit our FAQs page and read our client reviews to know more about our rentals.

11 Things To Ask A Firm That Offers Premier Property Management

It might be hard to decide which company to hire if you want the best. Everyone says they are the best, but who is telling the truth? You are responsible for ensuring that your asset is doing as well as it can. Here’s a list of questions you should ask to find the right company.

1. What Services Do They Offer?

Ask them about the services they offer when you talk to them. Some may only have to collect rent and deal with requests to fix things. Others might offer a range of services, such as marketing, renting, and evictions.

Make sure you know what services a company offers before you choose it. This will help you figure out the best choice for your needs.

2. What Is The Cost?

The price can change based on the services you need and how many properties you own. Make sure you ask for a detailed breakdown of all fees to compare different companies. Also, find out if there are any extra costs for certain services, like marketing and repairs.

You must also pay real estate agents any referral fees they are owed. This could cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. So keep this in mind if you are considering hiring a property manager.

Working With A Great Property Management Company
Working With A Great Property Management Company

3. What Kinds Of Properties Do They Take Care Of?

This question will help determine if they have managed properties like yours. If they have never worked on property like yours, you might want to find someone else.

Check to see if it has worked with assets like yours before. If not, they possibly don’t know the rules and requirements for your type of property.

4. How Long Have They Been In Business?

Asking how long a company has been in business is a great way to figure out how much they know. A company that has been in operation for a while is more likely to have more experience and be able to handle any problems that may arise.

Rental management firms that have been around longer are likelier to have good ties with local suppliers. This could mean that services like repairs and upkeep will cost less.

5. How Many Properties Do They Currently Manage?

A company with many properties has the experience and resources to manage yours well. But if they only take care of a few properties, they might not have as much experience or tools.

6. Do You Have A Clear Plan For How They Use Your Money?

A good property manager can show you how much money they can make from your investments. So, you can see if their plans match yours and decide if you want to work with them or find someone else. Remember that what works for one person might not work for another. So make sure this is something you want and need before putting more time or money into a business like this.

7. What Are Your Qualifications?

Most companies that take care of properties have some qualifications. They may or may not be specific to a particular field. Ask these things to ensure that the company is qualified to take care of your property. It is best to look for another firm if they do not have the right qualifications.

8. How Financially Stable Are You?

Make sure to ask about how stable their finances are. You want to ensure that the company you hire is stable financially and can take care of your property well. Here are some things to think about:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What is your revenue?
  • What are your expenses?
  • Do you have any debt?
  • What is your credit score?
  • Do you have any pending lawsuits?

By asking these questions, you can get an idea of how financially stable the company is. It will help you determine if they can give you the kind of service you want.

How Do You Know If Your Property Managers Are Doing An Adequate Job?
How Do You Know If Your Property Managers Are Doing An Adequate Job?

9. Are You Licensed, Bonded, And Insured?

It is essential to ensure that any business you work with is licensed, bonded, and insured. This keeps you safe as the property owner in case something goes wrong. Ask for proof that the company is insured and make sure it has a license in your state.

10. How Do You Advertise My Property?

The first thing you should do when looking for a good company is to ensure they have a good marketing plan. The best way to do this is to ask them how they advertise their homes. A good business will have a plan like online listings, signs, and personal connections.

Ask them about their specific strategies for each of these methods. Find out what websites they use to list properties and how often they update them. Ask about their approach to signage and whether they provide it for you.

11. How Do You Choose Who To Rent To?

It is essential to understand how company asset management screens tenants. Make sure they do everything possible to eliminate difficult renters and keep your property safe. Here are some questions you can ask to find out how they hire people:

  • How do you show that someone is working and making money?
  • How do you check people’s credit?
  • Do you need a check into your past?
  • How can you find out if someone else has rented the place?
  • Do you have any minimum requirements that a potential tenant must meet to be considered?

If you ask these questions, you can learn more about how the screening process works. You also need a reliable property manager to take care of the building and the people who live there.

There are many things to think about before you hire a property manager. You can find the best company to manage your property by asking these questions. You might want to do more than one interview because it’s essential to ask the right questions. You might also want your representative to follow someone to work.

West Point Property Management Inc.

West Point Property Management Inc. is one of the best property managers in California. Our team knows what they’re doing and wants to give the best service possible to our clients. We take care of every part of managing a property.

We are committed to giving our clients the best service we can. We work hard to ensure that all our properties are in good shape and run well. Call us at 714-501-3783 to request a quote and let us handle your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most important considerations for your property manager:
1- How quickly can they resolve problems when they arise?
2- How do they deal with emergencies?
3- What are their strategies for dealing with difficult tenants?
4- How frequently do they conduct inspections?
5- How do they handle tenants who are late on their rent?

Property managers are in charge of setting the rent and getting it paid, taking care of maintenance requests, filling empty units, and maybe even setting the budget for the property. They also frequently look after properties that real estate investors do not live near or do not want to manage themselves.

1- Meeting all prospective tenants at the property
2- Ensuring every applicant completes an application form
3- Conducting tenant database checks
4- Conducting checks on their history, including employment verification, landlord references, and confirming drivers.

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