Tenant Screening 101: How To Find The Right Tenants For Your Property

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Secure Top-Quality Tenants With The Right Tenant Screening

As a landlord, your main goal is to find tenants who are reliable, responsible, and can pay rent. Finding good tenants can be challenging. This is why the renters need to be checked out. West Point Property Management Inc. offers the best tenant screening services. We have helped many landlords like you find good people to live in their homes. We know that it’s essential to understand how a possible tenant acts, thinks, and lives. Don’t take a chance on people you can’t trust and rent to them! Do what you need to do to keep your money safe. Start immediately by hiring a property manager to ensure your tenants have an excellent place to live. 

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Finding Good Tenants: A Complete Guide Of Tenant Screening

Finding the right people to rent your property is essential to your success as a landlord. If you choose the wrong tenants, they may cause damage and not pay rent on time. They can also cause other problems that can be expensive and take a long time to fix. In this guide, we’ll talk about things you must do to find the best people to rent your property.

Develop A Screening Process: Tenant Screening 101

Any landlord or property owner wanting to find reliable tenants must have a thorough screening process. A thorough screening can help you eliminate potential tenants who need to be a better fit for your property. This will save you time and money in the long run. Here are some tips to make the best tenant screening:

- Determine Your Tenant Criteria

Figure out what you want before you start looking for a tenant. Income, credit score, work history, rental history, and criminal history may all be considered.

- Create A Rental Application

Make an application for renting with all the information you’ll need to check out potential tenants. Personal data, rental history, employment history, proof of income, and references may all be included.

- Collect Application Fees

Charge application fees to potential renters for credit and tenant background checks.

- Review Applications

Carefully look over each application to make sure the tenant meets your requirements. Look for warning signs like not paying the rent on time, getting kicked out, or having a criminal record.

- Set Up A Meeting

Set up a meeting or interview with the people who want to rent. It’s your chance to talk about any worries or questions you might have. You will also learn about who they are and how well they speak to each other.

- Make Your Decision

Based on the results of your screening process, decide whether or not to rent to the person. Send them a letter telling them why you won’t rent to them if you choose not to.

Following these rules can make the screening process clear and helpful. This will help you find the right people to rent your property and protect your investment in the long run.

Advertise Your Rental Property

The next step is getting the word out about your rental property to get more people interested. Here are some tips on how to market your rental property effectively:

- Start By Making A List

In your rental property listing, you should give a complete description of the property. The square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and any special features are all included. Make sure to highlight the best parts of the property and have photos that show the space well.

two storey home rental in Northwood
Rental Home In Northwood

- Use Online Rental Platforms

You can tell people about your rental property on websites that help people find rentals. You can reach a lot of people through these platforms. You can also use the tools they give you to manage your listing and talk to potential tenants.

- Use Social Networks

You can get the word out about your rental property well on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Share a post or ad on your social media pages or groups with information and pictures about the property.

- Consider Signage

If your rental property is near many people, put up signs to inform people about it. Put a sign-out front that says “For Rent” and has your contact information.

- Offer Incentives

You can get more people interested in renting your property by offering incentives like a lower security deposit or a free month.

- Respond To Inquiries Promptly

When someone asks about your rental property, get back to them. This will show potential tenants that you are a good landlord, making them more likely to rent from you.

You can get more renters using these tips to advertise your rental property. Be transparent and honest about the property and what it offers so potential tenants can get the right idea.

Verify Employment History And Income

Verifying a potential tenant’s work history and income is significant. This can help you ensure that the tenant has a steady source of income and will pay rent on time. Here are some tips to help you find out more about a person’s work history and income:

- Income Verification

One easy way to check a tenant’s income is to ask their employer for a pay stub or other proof of income. This document lists the tenant’s gross income, taxes withheld, and other deductions. It will give you a clear idea of what their net income is.

- Contact The Employer Directly

You can also talk to a tenant’s employer about their work history and income. You can ask the tenant’s employer to confirm their job title, how long they’ve been working there, and their salary or hourly wage. With this information, you can determine if the tenant is likely to have a steady source of income for the length of their lease.

- Consider Self-Employment Or Freelance Income

If the renter works for themself or does freelance work, it may be harder to prove how much money they make. If this is the case, you might have to ask for tax returns or bank statements to show how much money they make.

- Calculate Rent-To-Income Ratio

Once you know how much the renter makes, you can determine what percentage of their income goes to rent. This ratio shows what percentage of a renter’s income goes toward paying rent. Generally, a renter’s payment should be at most 30% of their gross income.

Follow these rules to make checking a tenant’s work history and income more clear and helpful. This will help you decide who to rent your property to more informedly.

Check Credit Scores

The credit score of a possible tenant is an integral part of the screening process. It is used to give them a credit score, which is a number that shows how responsible they are with money. Here are some tips to make it easier and more informative to check your credit score:

- Choose A Reputable Credit Reporting Agency

There are many credit reporting agencies, so you must choose one you can trust. Three of the most well-known credit reporting agencies are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

- Obtain The Tenant's Written Consent

Before you check a potential tenant’s credit score, you need their written permission. This can be done by having them sign a consent form or putting a consent clause in the rental application.

- Review The Credit Report

Once you have the tenant’s credit report, you should look at it carefully. It’s to ensure they’ve always paid their bills on time and doesn’t have any debts or accounts that aren’t paid off. Look out for warning signs like foreclosures or bankruptcies. This could be a sign that the person’s finances are not stable.

- Consider The Credit Score

Pay close attention to both the tenant’s credit score and credit report. Most credit scores range from 300 to 850, with higher scores showing that a person is a reasonable credit risk. Most people think a credit score of 700 or higher is good, while a score of less than 600 may mean a renter is at a higher risk.

ranch home in Huntington Beach
Ranch Home In Huntington Beach

- Use The Credit Score As One Of Several Screening Factors

Even though a person’s credit score is a good sign of how responsible they are with their money, it shouldn’t be the only thing you look at when deciding who to rent to. You should also think about your past jobs, income, and places you’ve lived.

- Notify The Tenant Of Any Adverse Action

Suppose you don’t let someone rent from you because of their credit report or score. You have to inform them and give them the name and number of the credit reporting agency you used.

By following these tips, checking your credit score will be easier and give you more information. This will help you decide who to rent your property to more informedly.

Create A Rental Agreement

There must be a complete rental agreement. It is essential for any landlord or owner who wants to keep a good relationship with their tenants and protect their own interests. This legal document spells out the rules of the rental property. Here are some tips for writing a basic rental agreement:

- Begin With The Basics

Start with the most important things about the rental property. It has the address, the unit number, and the property type.

- Include The Lease Term

Ensure you know if the lease is month-to-month or for a certain amount of time. Put in both the start and end dates.

- State The Rent Amount And Payment Terms

Give more information about how much rent is due and how it should be paid. Include the date each payment is due, how it will be paid, and any fees or penalties for late payments.

- Specify The Security Deposit

Please let me know how much the deposit is. Also, what are the rules for getting it back, like how much money will be taken off for damage?

- Define The Tenant's Responsibilities

Write down the tenant’s responsibilities, like keeping the rental property in good shape and paying the utilities. You should also ensure they follow any rules or regulations the landlord or owner has put in place.

- Specify The Landlord's Responsibilities

It is essential to spell out the landlord’s duties. Two examples are fixing things and ensuring the place is safe and pleasant to live in.

- Include Any Additional Terms And Conditions

Add any other rules the landlord wants or specific to the rental property. This could include rules about smoking and pets, how guests are treated, or where to park.

- Sign The Contract And Date It

The landlord and the renter must sign and date the agreement for it to be legally binding.

Protect your landlord’s interests by ensuring your rental agreement has these critical details. You can also provide you can clearly and effectively talk to your tenants.

- Hire A Property Management Company

Hiring a professional can make sure that your properties are taken care of in a professional way. You should hire a property management company because of the following:

- Tenant Screening And Management

These companies can help you find tenants you can trust. They will check many things, like your credit, criminal record, and rental history. They also have to deal with renters every day. It includes things like getting the rent, solving problems, and handling maintenance requests.

- Property Maintenance And Repairs

Property management companies can keep your rental property in good shape and up to date. They can do regular maintenance jobs like cleaning, landscaping, and fixing things. If needed, they can also organize bigger repairs or renovations.

- Legal Compliance

These companies know and follow all of the state and federal laws and rules about renting. They can ensure that your rental property follows all the applicable laws. They can get the proper licenses, set up safety measures, and make legal documents like leases and rental agreements.

- Time And Stress-Saving

Using a property management company can save you time. It will also make care of your rental property less stressful. You won’t have to look for renters, collect rent, fix things, or take care of the property.


Before you hire a property management company, you should do some research. You should also choose a company with a good name and experience managing properties. Make sure you know what services they offer and how much they charge before you sign a contract.

A good choice for landlords is to hire a company that manages properties. It will ensure that your investments are well taken care of, follow the rules, and are well managed. Using these services can save time, feel less stressed, and have peace of mind. They will know that the people taking care of their rental properties are good at what they do. We know how hard it can be to be a landlord or property owner at West Point Property Management Inc.

We offer a variety of property management services to make your life easier. Our staff knows what they are doing and can help you find suitable renters. We will also take good care of your property and follow all laws.

Call (714) 501-3783 today to request a quote! With the right plan and help, you can ensure your properties are well-run and profitable for years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tenant screening is crucial for landlords as it helps them find reliable and responsible tenants for their property. It minimizes the risk of potential issues such as late payments, property damage, or lease violations, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free rental experience.

During tenant screening, you should gather information such as the applicant’s credit history, employment verification, rental history, and references. This information provides insights into the applicant’s financial stability, reliability, and ability to fulfill lease obligations.

To check an applicant’s credit history, you can request a credit report from a reputable credit reporting agency. The report will provide details about the applicant’s credit score, payment history, and any outstanding debts, giving you an idea of their financial responsibility.

When verifying an applicant’s employment, you should contact their employer to confirm their current employment status, income, and job stability. This helps ensure that the applicant has a steady income source to afford the rental property.

Iit is legal to check an applicant’s background and rental history with their consent. However, it’s important to comply with fair housing laws and treat all applicants equally. Avoid discriminating based on protected characteristics such as race, religion, gender, or familial status.

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