Why Hire a Huntington Beach Property Management Company?

Huntington Beach Property Management Company

Why You Should Hire a Huntington Beach Property Management Company

Property management is a very crucial aspect of every property owner. Most owners usually think that they can sit back after investing in homes and wait for their investments to accrue. Still, various factors can make the management of a property very hectic.

Huntington Beach Property Management Company
Huntington Beach Property Management Company

Examples of these factors include; appropriate rent collection, acquisition of suitable tenants, overseeing tenants’ needs and legal requirements, vacancy periods, repair, and maintenance.

Using a property management company can significantly improve on all these factors plus others without any hassle or losses. If you are a property owner in Huntington Beach, West Point Property Management Company is one great option for you.

West Point Property Management is a Huntington beach property management company situated in Orange County in California. Its services are exclusive, and it conducts all activities and processes with total transparency to all its clients. It’s been in service for more than three decades, and from clients’ views, it’s a great and reliable company to manage any of your properties in Huntington.

Services you’ll get to enjoy when using West Point as your property management company.

Using West Point property management company comes with various benefits and services that clients can enjoy. Here are the multiple services that this company has to offer;

Huntington Beach Property Management Company
Huntington Beach Property Management Company

1. Selection of potential tenants

 Getting prospective tenants isn’t a walk in the park. It requires total experience, patience, and a big heart. West point is a property management company that huntington beach property owners can use to acquire the very best and long-term tenants. The firm will check the tenants’ backgrounds to ensure they’ve good rent payment histories, creditworthiness, legal records, jobs, debt ratios, and FICO scores.

2. Management of repairs at affordable rates

For a property to be long-lasting and still in good shape, timely repairs are necessary. Well, if West Point is your property management provider, you’ll not have to worry about such issues.

When a repair is needed, they’ll always ask for your approval before they start working on them. Also, all contractors in this company aren’t WPPM workers; therefore, you’ll not incur any interest conflicts.

In case of complaints or queries from tenants, the company assistants’ will be at their service at any time. You’ll also get to enjoy lowered repair costs due to the multiple bids they can source for both cheap and expensive repairs.

Besides repairs, this Huntington beach property management company will be responsible for your gardening services coordination, management of interior and exterior features, and strategizing the property’s improvement.

3. Faster rent collection

Get timely rent money from tenants and have it mailed to your location or deposited to your given account in full without any inconveniences. You’ll also have the liberty to control whatever you want to do with all your delinquent accounts.

West Point always ensures that the rent collected is paid to the property owner after collecting it on the first day of every month. The checks are mailed to owners immediately after they receive or deposit in their bank accounts.

The owners will also be allocated with the security depositors, who will also have the obligation of keeping up with all the late payments.

4. legal representation in court disputes and other legal matters

In case of any legal issue on your property, West Point Company will always be your legal representative. For example, during court hearings (for free), monitoring lockouts and evictions procedures, preparing first leasing documents, collecting and handling inventory sheets.

They’ll provide legal counsel on the Federal law with disclosures on Megan’s Law, Lead-centered Paint details, and pursuant details.

They’ll also advertise your property’s units to all online platforms they can find for a maximum acquisition of high-quality clients.

5. Management compensation

West Point doesn’t ask for any upfront fee; you’ll only pay after they collect the first month’s deposit and rent, and the money is already in your account. You’ll pay a leasing fee of up to $ 595.00, an annual $75 P&L fee (optional), and a discountable fee ranging between $ 125- $150.

Other additional services that West Point huntington property management company offers

Besides the above services, this company also offers other extra services that make it worthwhile and highly profitable when you invest in their services. Some of these services are;

1. Property evaluation after tenants evacuate or occupy it.

2. Advertisements that show your property’s features to potential leaseholders.

3. Provision of the essential Addendums needed in a leasing contract.

4. Advice in case of a maintenance problem and help with supervision when needed.

5. connecting your property with other property administrators and agencies to obtain more prospective renters.

6. If you want, you’ll occasionally receive your property’s estimated value in the current market.

7. Partnership with other established websites to maximally expose your property in the property market.

8. They’ll take responsibility if a tenant cancels a lease contract so that you don’t incur any fees.

9. In case of any deductions during tenant vacation or eviction, it’s the company’s responsibility to mail them the list of the deductions within 21 days.

10. Use of CAR (California Association of Realtors) residential lease. This lease helps them to offer protection to owners and their properties.

As you can see, West Point Property Management Company is a worthwhile, affordable, and highly profitable property management company for Huntington Beach property owners.

Its services are diverse and critical for effective and long-lasting property management. WPPM has ranked them as one of the best and pocket-friendly property management firms ever from their clients’ reviews.

You can access this service at any time using their 24/7 Live response service. The firm’s operating hours are usually from 7 am-9 pm, from Mondays to Fridays, and on weekends it’s from 9 am-5 pm.

The company’s high-end expertise in tenant screening and property management guarantees rent payments, maximizes cash flow, and high-level maintenance of your property.


Property management is essential for any property worldwide, and employing a management company can be the best approach for your property to be profitable and well-maintained.

West Point is among the most outstanding and affordable property management company that huntington beach property owners should consider for an enhanced and assuring property maintenance and experience.

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