Huntington Beach Property Management Company: (13 Facts About Us)

Huntington Beach Property Management Company: (13 Facts About Us)

Huntington Beach Property Management: (13 Facts About Us)

We are all aware of the fact that property management has been a booming industry in the business field and a lot of companies provide quite a few services and they are all up to the mark.

However, these services come with a large sum of money payable to the company and nobody wants that. You need not worry as the Huntington Beach property management company has several more services with comparatively less money.

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There are numerous customer services are provided by property management in Huntington Beach. There are things you should know too.

Screening Prospective Tenants

The rental Payment History of the tenants will be looked into and turned in for the owner to check and verify. The credibility of the tenants will be checked like the late payments, Bankruptcy, etc.

The tenants’ legal problems will be looked into and will verify if they have a criminal background. Employment Verification: the tenant’s financial stability will be verified to ensure payments of rent.

Debt Ratio Evaluation: checking the tenant’s front end and back end debt ratio. FICO Scores: Check tenant’s FICO score with credit agency also to ensure payments.

Managed Repairs

All major repairs will always have the owner’s approval before the work starts. Nothing will be changed without the owner’s consent. All the contractors and workers are selected with the utmost care and they all will be licensed and bonded.

There won’t be any fees or charges pressed for the contractor services availed by the owner.  We will be here for you to solve all your problems and hear all the inquiries and complaints.

We will immediately address all of the tenant complaints too. We will also make a detailed check for contractors so that we get comparatively less expensive contractors and you may save your money.

Rent payments from Tenant.

The rents will be regularly collected from the tenants and will be deposited to the owner’s bank account or mailed on the day received. Actions will be taken against faulty accounts and we’ll ensure that you get your rents hassle-free. And any issue regarding rent will be looked into and take adequate actions.

Show up to court on your Behalf

We will ensure that nothing goes missing from your property and evaluate the property before and after the occupancy of the tenants.

 We post advertisements and show all possible websites and ensure the property gets maximum exposure. We will also collect applications and screen the applications and find suitable applicants.

We will offer all necessary disclosures according to Federal and State law. We will also initiate, monitor, and final follow-through of procedures towards the eviction of tenants.

Affordable Home Repairs

We will ensure that all the interior and exterior and maintenance are done and will coordinate things according and ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Plans will be executed to make capital improvements to the property and give it more value. An extra is that we will also take care of your garden and improve quality.

Management of Compensation

You have to PAY NOTHING before the first rent collection. All the

You don’t have to make any payment when the property is vacant There are no specific fees or charges pressed for services availed.

The Fees are comparatively less and also discount for multiple properties.

Huntington Beach Property Management Company:
Huntington Beach Property Management Company

Accounts Receivable

Rent checks are made payable to the OWNER directly without going through us.  Collection of “rent” will be done on the first of each month.  The rent is mailed to the owner on the day received or deposited into the owner’s bank account.

You don’t have to wait for one to three weeks to receive your paychecks. Security deposit made will payable to the owner and not to the company.

The owner can keep all the late fees to themselves. The rent won’t have tampered to spike money from the owner and we give complete loyalty to our client.

Legal Issues

We Provide Lead-Based Paint Disclosure as Mandated by Federal Law and also provide Megan’s Law Disclosure as Mandated by State Law.

We also issue a 3 – 30 & 60 Day Notice to the tenants and no extra charge is pressed on the owner.

We supervise the evictions and regularly check the property. We will appear in Court and Testify on your behalf with Attorney for Unlawful Detainer and there will be no extra charges for it.

The lease option is available

Most of the companies don’t provide this option as it is less profitable to the organization but in our organization, the leasing is available as our client’s wishes come first.

Breaching of contract

If the tenant breaks the contract there will be no charges for the owner to re-rent the property.


We will cooperate with other rental agencies and property managers to get prospective tenants.

Crystal clear

We will be Mail an itemized list of deductions to the Tenant after vacating with-in 21 days with deductions.


We will also advise on the repairs and give you a much better view and increase your property value.

We ensure you to give the best services and we will be an apt property management company for properties in the Huntington Beach we will provide you with several more services and ensure you will be worry-free.

These offers are one in a million and we assure you that you won’t get better treatment than us in this price range. We welcome you to the Huntington Beach property management company.

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