Orange County Property Management Services (Highest Rated 2020)

Orange County Property Management Services (Highest Rated 2020)

Best Orange County Property Management Service

Choosing the right property management company is critical for the value of your Investment. When you go with a top-rated company, you won’t have to worry about problems with the tenants or your property. West Point Property Management (WPM) stands out for a myriad of reasons. Read our reviews online. Find out why it’s considered the highest-rated Orange County property management company in 2020. Then, you’ll see why so many property owners use WPM.

Personalized Service

Some Orange County property management companies get so big that they don’t see their clients as people. They just herd them through, offering the same cookie-cutter services each time.

As a smaller company, West Point Property Management provides personalized services to each client. It never takes the cookie-cutter approach, so everyone gets their needs met. This is just one of the many reasons WPM stands out among the sea of property management companies in Orange County. 

Takes Care of the Owners and the Tenants

Far too many property management companies are on “team tenant” or “team owner.” Both relationships are essential, so companies should not choose teams.

West Point Property Management takes care of tenants and owners, so everyone is happy. If you want your business to last long-term, this is critical. When both sides are happy, you can keep your rental property full and make a nice profit. That’s a win.

Orange County Property Management Services (Highest Rated 2020)
600Orange County Property Management Services (Highest Rated 2020)

Manges with a Landlord’s Pont of View

At the same time, West Point Property Management manages with a landlord’s point of view. The company acts as a partner instead of a property manager.

Wise money management is part of thinking like a landlord. A landlord wants to maximize profits, and that’s what West Point Property Management does. Part of maximizing profits is keeping rentals full of happy tenants. That’s not an issue at all when you use WPM. The company will keep your vacancy rate low, so you can keep bringing in rental profits.  

Understands the Unique Needs of High-End Tenants

Many Orange County tenants stay in high-end properties. These tenants require a certain degree of respect, or they’ll leave and find another rental. West Point Property Management understands the importance of treating high-end tenants with respect, so they’ll stay in the property for years.

WPM doesn’t just reserve respect for high-end tenants, though. The company respects all tenants, so everyone feels important. If you want to reduce your turnover rates, this kind of service can help. Then, you can enjoy a steady income with your rental property.

Access to the Best Contacts

No matter how new your property is, you’ll need to make repairs from time to time. West Point Property Management has a long list of contacts that range from garage door specialists to maintenance workers.

The contacts provide quality services at affordable prices and can get to the property quickly. When people use West Point Property Management, they don’t have to worry about waiting for repairs or renovations. The next contractor is just a phone call away and will be there in no time. Then, when the bill comes, it will be for much less than what most other contractors charge.

Excellent Communication Skills

If you own rental property, you need a management company with good communication skills. West Point Property Management quickly responds to questions and also does an excellent job of letting you know what’s going on with your properties.

Also, our Orange County property management services handle tenant questions and requests quickly. In fact, the company has a 24-hour live answering service, so landlords and tenants can talk to someone, regardless of when they call. If you’re tired of leaving messages and waiting to get a return call, WPM could be the solution.    

Rent Collected on Time

Collecting rent is one of the most important things your property management company does. If you’re going to collect rent on time, you need to start by finding high-quality tenants. West Point Property Management screens tenants, so you’re sure to fill your properties with low-risk renters.

Then, the company collects rent on time. You don’t have to worry about chasing down rent or waiting weeks past the due date to get your money. Instead, you can count on the money coming in like clockwork. That alleviates much of your stress as a property owner.  

Reasonable Management Fees

Some property management companies charge high amounts for their services. That makes it hard for landlords to make a nice profit on their rentals.

West Point Property Management provides top-notch service at an affordable price. Even at a reasonable price, you will get everything you need when you use this company. WPM offers an amazing value, making it a wise choice for property owners.

Reduce the Risk of Eviction

Because West Point Property Management finds high-quality tenants, evictions are a rare occurrence. The company averages less than one eviction annually.

This is well below the national rate. If you don’t want to worry about losing tenants to evictions, go with the top-rated property management company in Orange County. Then, evictions will be the farthest thing from your mind.

Quick Direct Deposit

You likely count on the rent income each month, and you don’t want to wait for it. While some Orange County property management companies sit on checks for days or weeks, that’s not an issue with West Point Property Management.

The company quickly direct deposits the checks, so you’ll have access to the funds immediately. Then, you can easily make your mortgage payment, pay other bills, or have fun with the extra income. 

Maintain Control

Some property management companies expect owners to hand over complete control. These companies keep a large fund to use at their discretion, so you could end up paying for needless repairs over the years. Those expenses can cut into your profits and make it hard to stay in the black.

WPPM is different from those companies, though. You maintain control of how you spend your money. The team will go over your options and provide recommendations if you want, but it’s your choice. The extra transparency means you don’t have to worry about where your money goes. At the same time, you can get expert advice and help as needed. It’s the best of both worlds.

Local Knowledge

Unlike national property management companies that are far removed from the local scene, West Point Property Management is headquartered in Orange County.

The staff has extensive knowledge of the local real estate and rental market and can help you make wise decisions regarding your property. Because of the local knowledge, the team understands how to price rentals and more, so you will get the most out of your investment when you use this property management company in Orange County.

Easily Handles Any Situation

Various situations can arise when renting a property. It takes years upon years of experience to understand how to handle different situations. Fortunately, West Point Property Management has decades of experience and has seen it all. Because the team members have been in property management for so long, they can easily assess and handle situations quickly. You won’t hear them say, “I’ve never handled this before.” Instead, they will utilize their previous experience to ensure the situation is handled appropriately.

Stress-Free Ownership

Owning a rental property can be stressful. Fortunately, West Point Property Management alleviates the stress by handling everything. Many clients live halfway across the country and still don’t feel any stress thanks to West Point Property Management’s hands-on service. Instead of feeling stressed, they are happy they found a company that can take care of the details, including high-quality renters.

No Experience Necessary

Some of West Point Property Management’s clients are first-time property owners. They don’t have any experience with property management or tenants. Because West Point Property Management handles every aspect of property management, they don’t need any experience to make money.

Instead, they just need to invest in a piece of property, and West Point Property Management can handle the rest. This lowers the bar of entry for people who want to make money with investment property.

Countless Satisfied Customers

You know you’re choosing a top company when its customers cannot help but rave about it. That’s the case with West Point Property Management. The company has a 4.9 rating on Google reviews, getting one positive review after the next. It also has positive reviews on other websites and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. No wonder so many people choose West Point Property Management.

Get Help with Property Management Today

If you have an investment property, let West Point Property Management help you maximize your profits while alleviating your stress. By finding qualified renters, collecting rent, handling repairs, and taking care of the other day-to-date operations, West Point Property Management will allow you to make money without putting in lots of work.

You can still have control by going over your options, but West Point Property Management will take care of the tasks. Reach out today to learn more about these Orange County property management services.

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